Book Review. Revenge of the Judoon by Terrance Dicks.

Revenge of the Judoon was an enjoyable story, without being anything consequential. It started well, much better than Terrance Dicks’ previous story Made of Steel featuring Martha and the Doctor. I liked the character of Captain Harry Carruthers, and his role in being companion to Martha, who is investigating Black Dog Lane, and the laboratory of the Cosmic Peacemakers. They even have time for a meal of steak and chips. The Doctor and the Judoon do not have much of a part to play in Revenge of the Judoon. The villain Challoner tries to persuade the King that he can give him more power, and the King is not bothered. ‘Your Majesty will be left with an easy conquest.’ ‘Easy but pointless by the sound of it. What the devil’s the fellow talking about?’ asked the King. Which made for a nice change.

It states on the blurb ‘with help from Arthur Conan Doyle’ but he isn’t a lot of help. Pointless cameo, really. Same for General Baden-Powell.

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