Book Review. Blood of Atlantis by Simon A. Forward.

Owain, and his friends, Theo, Kara, and Paolo, are on a boat heading towards a rig that they are planning to handcuff themselves to in protest. The rig is owned by Vorster, and he is not a man to want anybody to be close enough to his rig to handcuff themselves to. So the crew of 4 are shot at. One of the group dies, two are captured by Vorster, and the other rescued by a Russian ship.

Owain finds out or seems to be aware of more of what is going on, than the Brigadier and Anne Travers do on The Akrotiri, initially they are investigating ships that have vanished. It is the research that Owain has done and they have access to, that generate ideas, and bring in an archaeologist, called Sophia Montilla.

‘Contamination? What kind of contamination could do that? And … I mean, are we safe?’

‘Have you turned to stone yet?’

‘Only inside.’

To bring on board Sophia Montilla, the Brigadier needs to step foot on the Island of Santorini, where a chain of events begins, that involves a massacre at an auction, and people made from stone coming up from the sea. This was the best part of the story, on a beach, full of tourists and the mass panic which ensues, when stone people come up from the sea. If you touch the stone, you turn to stone too. It reminded me of previous aliens that we have seen on Doctor Who before. A great threat, that gives you a thrill. Blood of Atlantis was political, and had a slow start, with not so many rememberable characters. Sophie Montilla was the character that made this story interesting, and her interactions with the Brigadier were good. I also liked the chapter titles were, for example Smugglers, Fury From the Deep, Edge of Destruction, as they are titles of Doctor Who television episodes. I love a tie in.

The tiny girl turned and reached up. She clamped a gloved hand around the host’s throat and snapped his neck. The boy, Paolo, grabbed for Lethbridge-Stewart. Lethbridge-Stewart ducked to the left and pitched over the parapet.

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