Book Review. The Sontaran Games by Jacqueline Rayner.

The Sontaran Games is about the Sontarans infiltrating BASE, a camp for athletes who are competing in the upcoming games. The Sontarans are looking for somebody, and gleaning information at the same time on Homo Sapiens. I thought the plot of the story was weak at first, with flat characters, who the Doctor is with and have hidden from the Sontarans until they are captured. This is when the games begin. The Sontarans have brought with them Sontar Sand Shrews and Robots, to tip the balance of the long jump and tug of war in their favour. There is a moment of horror in this story, as well as athletes that are killed by the Sontarans without any hesitation. The end was amazing, as the shape-shifting Rutan that the Sontarans are looking for, reveals their identity to the Doctor. You cannot have sympathy for the Rutan, because they have killed people too, making BASE a bloody battleground. There is a final fight between the Rutan and Sontarans, which we still have not experienced on screen because the Rutans have yet to be re-designed for modern Who.

The Sontarans have been comedic in Doctor Who, and The Sontaran Games gives some of that in the dialogue between themselves and the Doctor, until people start to be murdered. I liked the ruthlessness of the Sontarans in this story.  

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