Book Review. Bantam by Jackie Kay.

‘it was boys like the Bantams

– wee men named efter

sma’ chickens,’

In Bantam is a sense of place – moors and Lochs, home, family – men in ours who fought in wars, language and individual battles. Love too, Diamond Colonsay is a beautiful poem. Bantam did not work for me as a whole, I liked certain poems.

what joy to see love endure, dears
to come down the stairs at Glassard
to overhear I love you John Kay
I love you Helen Kay

like a surprise honeymoon, Colonsay, 
the shimmering sea, the long day
the frank moon, the stars, the Milky Way
how the years slide away 

the seals slither off rocks to the bay
you sing every day to each other 
a ballad, blues, or bawdy number
love: naturally occurs. Hardy. 

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