Book Review. Mind of Stone by Iain McLaughlin.

The Brigadier is in prison, whilst there he keeps getting into scrapes, but is this a ruse, has he been planted there to trail someone or has the Brigadier committed a serious crime? Mind of Stone had me pondering these scenarios for a good chunk of the book. Television series Porridge vibes, the prison guard was named Fulton (Fulton Mackay), and the Brigadier’s cell-mate is called Stanley (Stanley Fletcher)

Douglas, Anne Travers, Sally Wright and Bill Bishop reconvene, investing a group of calcified soldiers – who seem to still be alive. This did make me think – hold on – am I still reading the previous book in the series? Stone people again? The previous story Blood of Atlantis does get a mention. I like that these stories have continuity. There is a third strand of story, with the Vaults, and Leslie Johnston, complicating matters. I am guessing that this is a thread that runs through the Lethbridge-Stewart stories and might feature again in later books? I was not so keen on this part. It was interrupting the main story I was so invested in. Mind of Stone feels like a long book, but I wouldn’t say that it dragged at all, or became boring. The story was very well plotted and written. There was a fair amount of violence, and punching, which made me see the Brigadier in a new light. More action man.

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