Book Review. City of Death by Douglas Adams.

Do go on, thought Romana. She definitely got a better class of villain than the Doctor. Did Davros wheel out a fruit platter? He did not.

I am aware City of Death is a well-regarded Who story from the 1970’s, where the Doctor, and Romana ‘a mere stripling of 125. She had come to him fresh out the Time Lord Academy.’ land in Paris and are enjoying themselves. Thought it was cute that the Doctor was trying to impress Romana, and he is worried that he is no longer the cool one.

I have not seen City of Death the television story, after reading the novelisation I am feeling as if I need to watch this story to see it for myself, because the book was great. The story, even the title, are simple, and straight forward but the characters, and the dialogue, the wit are huge fun. The Doctor heading backwards in time to see his old mate, Da Vinci, was like an adventure in an adventure.

‘I assure you, Professor … Money is no problem.’

‘Money is no problem?’ The Professor waved several sheets of paper at him. ‘What do you want me to do about all these bills? Write ‘Money is no problem’ across them and send them back?’

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