Book Review. While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie.

‘How often has that woman been drunk in the three months you’ve had her?’ said Everard.

‘Not so very many times; three or four perhaps. She gets depressed, you know.’

‘Three or four? Nine or ten would be nearer the mark. How does she cook? Rottenly. Is she the least assistance or comfort to you in this flat? None whatever.’

I thought the cover of While the Light Lasts was pretty and that is what attracted me to it in the library, although I am reading more short stories this year. This book is a collection of 9 short stories written by Agatha Christie. 2 of those feature Poirot.  A couple of the other stories are romance, not what I would expect to read from Agatha Christie, and they were the stories I enjoyed reading the most.

The Lonely God, being one of my favourites, and Within a Wall, about artistic temperament, the other.

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