Book Review. Resurrection of the Daleks by Eric Saward.

such was life – 
lurching through space, occupants of the
ship named TARDIS
thrown like balls in a bingo hall –

poem written by me @k_lpoetry

to Shad Thames, where there are patrols using a Time Corridor in a Warehouse as transport. Turlough falls through the corridor to the battleground of ship Vipod Mor. He fancies a nap and forgets who might be watching …

Cynical and all for self-preservation is Turlough. I think I need to start again with Turlough because I have had the wrong impression of him, he’s actually an interesting character.  

I don’t think that’s Colonel Archer

Cannot think why Resurrection of the Daleks is the story that pushes Tegan to leaving the Doctor, and adventures in time and space, behind her.  The moment of the Metal detector’s death is shocking. When she says to the Doctor, ‘This isn’t your style at all,’ because the Doctor has become a gun waving hero in this story, for some reason (does he have the right?) I had a flashback to Donna in her wedding dress, saying to the Doctor, ‘you can stop now.’

Eric Saward’s writing style made me feel giddy. There’s prose, a bit of poetry and an extended tour of the TARDIS. Library, cinema, robot chef called Ooba-Doa …

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