Book Review. The Way Through the Woods by Una McCormack.

‘Fiddle the books?’ Rory looked at him in horror. ‘What are you getting me into now?’

‘I mean the history books!’

‘Oh, well, if you only meant fiddle the history books I suppose that’s fine!’

‘Legends don’t come from nowhere, you know! Somebody has to legendate … legendify … make it all up in the first place!’

Rory is stuck in the past, year 1917, with Emily Bostock, who he has been assigned to stick to like glue. Emily was a character that grew on me more and more in this story.

The Doctor is in the present, in a cell, suspected to have had something to do with the girls that have gone missing in the area. He does have something to do with the missing girls, in that he’s trying to fix a problem that has arisen from a crashed alien ship in the woods. Swallow Woods is where through the centuries people have gone missing, and paths have shifted. It’s Timey-Wimey and Spacey-Wacey. The Doctor’s demonstration using Amy’s scarf did go some way in helping me understand the science of this.

Amy is also in the present, with the task of going with the next girl to go missing, Jess the journalist, into the woods, so they can get lost together. I thought this was a very good part of the story. Amy is able to take some control of the situation, in absence of the Doctor.

I thought there was no mystery left  in The Way Through the Woods when the reveal came early what was the reason behind the creepy woods and all was left was to fix the problem, which was not easy by any means, but it did involve separate groups of people, tramping through the woods, a space ship in Rory and Emily’s case, and not a lot of threat or substance. It was different to a typical Who story and didn’t have a nasty villain that needed tackling. I did like the end too with Laura, Emily and Harry heading into space.

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