Doctor Who: Dark Horizons by Jenny Colgan Reviewed

Dark Horizons was one of the few Doctor Who books left in my local library that I hadn’t read. The title, blurb and front cover were not inviting to me at all. It’s a shame that these elements go against Dark Horizons, because it is probably one of my favourite Who books. I am still reserved about Matt Smith’s Doctor, and he is solo in Dark Horizons. That was something else that made me reluctant to take out the book. I needn’t have worried because I loved the Doctor in this story. I liked the moment where there is a Viking ship being consumed by a fire, alien fire – water is not stopping it, with our other characters Viking Henrik and prisoner Freydis on board, and the Doctor pops up with, ‘Hallo!’ and ‘Now, I don’t want to hurry you,’ I could imagine Matt Smith saying those very words.

I thought the characters, especially the Vikings, would be 2D and not feel ‘real’ but they gradually grew on me. There are some great characters in Dark Horizons. Dark Horizons is a slow-moving story, the Doctor has to wait it out at times. It has a great depth to it and is heartfelt. There are striking moments on sea, land and in the TARDIS. I felt as if I was in the story.

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