Love & Loss in Sicily 🏖 The House by the Sea by Louise Douglas.

I was not sure The House by the Sea was going to be an enjoyable read at all at first, as ex-spouses Joe and Edie reunite in Italy because Joe’s aunt has left them her house in her will. Frosty atmosphere is an understatement, couldn’t cut it with a knife. As the pair explore, start to clear up the house, enjoy the sights, and meet the locals, they begin to thaw. There are a few different mysteries to the story. One of those being Joe’s aunt, Anna DeLuca. Edie could not stand the woman. I thought it was strange how thick the hatred was and was prepared to have an open mind on Anna DeLuca, until I knew more. As we learn more about Edie, we also discover Anna’s heart wrenching story. The House by the Sea, towards the end, kicked up a gear and kept me questioning and trying to join the dots. It was very compelling.

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