Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell Reviewed.

In Beautiful Chaos, the Doctor and Donna have returned to her home, because it is the anniversary of her dad’s death. Donna’s mum is written to have a softer side, which helps balance out the arguments that are had between Donna and herself, because they were bordering on tiresome. I think I can relate to Donna because of the relationship she has with her mum, and I wish I had a granddad like Wilf. This line brought tears to my eyes, ‘the truth was Sylvia had always been disappointed in her daughter. She rarely hid it and Donna never understood why.’ Of course, with Donna comes Wilfred Mott and it was lovely to read Beautiful Chaos and have him and the Doctor team up again. I felt that the Doctor got pushed to the side by the goings on and characters in Beautiful Chaos, not least in the telescope at, as Donna calls it, Copper Knickers, where an old friend of the Doctor’s Professor Melville and his assistant Miss Oladini work. There were characters in the story who were killed. Some of those characters had small parts in the narrative, we learn of their lives and then – that’s it. Dead. It felt as if there was no final closure.

I have always said Beautiful Chaos is one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, this was the first time I have read it since I was a teenager, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was still a great read.

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