Doctor Who: Legends of Camelot by Jacqueline Rayner Reviewed.

‘Love a book.’ he said. ‘Good old books. Don’t need recharging, can’t stop working, even if you drop them in the bath, they’ll dry out again. Might get a bit wrinkly, but that happens to the best of us.’

Legends of Camelot by Jacqueline Rayner

Legends of Camelot is a story that references the gunfight at the O.K corral and Ian Chesterton, both of which get a thumbs up from me. There’s even mention of the UNIT dating controversy, ‘Do we have to?’ the Doctor said. ‘the seventies are really difficult for me. The dates keep shifting.’

Legends of Camelot had a lot of explanations and dialogue to it. The Doctor and Donna are experiencing time jumps in a void reality that contains King Arthur and his adventures. Donna starts to become tired and if your main character is flagging, what effect do you think it has on the reader? Legends of Camelot did become dull as it became repetitive. There was a twist to the story, where I thought damn, now I am going to need to go back and read the whole book again. It gave the story a shot in the arm. Donna’s character is written very well. The Doctor fades at times into the background. The other characters are more like ciphers, intentional or not, it does work in this world where ages, weather and location can change at the blink of an eye. Legends of Camelot, despite becoming dull in the middle, overall is entertaining, educational and enormous fun. Think somewhere between Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Colin Morgan’s Merlin.

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