Book Review. The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie.

Miss Marple features in all of 5 pages of The Moving Finger. I was reading it, wondering when Marple was going to appear in Lymstock because that’s definitely not the town she is from but instead we have brother and sister, Jerry and Joanna. They are new inhabitants to the town of Lymstock, getting acquainted with the locals, traditions – gossip and goings on. This included hate mail.

Jerry narrates the story. It was unbearable sometimes being in his head, some of the crap he comes out with. Mainly chauvinistic. There is a character called Megan, forgotten and neglected by her mum and stepdad. It is repeated that she is 21 years old in age but presents much younger. It seems that quite a few people in Lymstock despair of what will become of Megan. I’m not sure how old Jerry is. He comes across as someone in their 40’s. Romance is thrown in. He treats Megan as a brother or father? There’s some good-natured ribbing between them. Then Jerry takes Megan to London for a make-over and now, in his eyes, she looks more well-groomed, he wants to marry her. I thought where did that come from? I could relate to Megan a lot. Her character was the best part of The Moving Finger because I was promised Marple and Marple had gone missing, which disappointed me. The plot itself, with the letters, and that involved a maid getting murdered by a skewer pierced through her neck, and was then stuffed into a cupboard, was fine but felt as if it was going over the same ground.

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