Book Review. The Weather in the Streets by Rosamond Lehmann.

What a horrible, messy little book The Weather in the Streets is, and to think it all started by old friends meeting on a train. The chain of events that were triggered. Rollo, the married man, begins an affair with our protagonist Olivia. The conversation between the 2 characters on the train, oh my. The dialogue was amazing. It was a feast. That was the first part of a novel that has four altogether. It is set up well. The secondary characters shrink very much into the background as the story goes on, as this affair takes place in stolen and spared moments. It is fraught at times with what cannot be spoken, as this relationship’s purpose is for sex, or scratching itches, as Rollo’s wife apparently does not satisfy his needs (spoilers, this turns out to be a lie) Rollo becomes an absolute dick of a character. Sure, he gives Olivia gifts, but as her feelings for him grow, he does not seem to very much care. Olivia, on the other hand, I wouldn’t say that I had much more sympathy for her. Although love can make you behave in very strange ways. She does seem to start off as very young, having ended her marriage and being alone, she seems to have become entangled emotionally in this affair in no time at all. She seems to accept that she is held at arms length, even though it becomes more and more frustrating for her because she cannot share her life with Rollo and he cannot give her what she wants.

You know how The Weather in the Streets is going to finish, in tears. It was well written, and the dialogue was fantastic. The plot itself, a love affair or a love triangle made me want to beat a cushion. I find the trope unbearable. I find broken hearts are so intense!

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