Book Review. Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie.

I thought having the one central character in Sparkling Cyanide, that being Rosemary, meant that you got a constant revolving perception of the woman. Each chapter in the first part of Sparkling Cyanide was dedicated to a character who was around the table in a restaurant, when Rosemary takes her own life, and has some connection with her. Then there is her husband, George, who had begun to receive letters saying that Rosemary’s death was not suicide, it was murder and he plans a trap, to re-enact the restaurant scene. Everyone gets a shock with what happens next. The plot fell apart. I got to the end of Sparkling Cyanide and felt I had disengaged, had no idea of who or why or what. It was fine, it just felt dull. The person who does some of the sleuthing, and helps the police, is a man called Race. I don’t think he was the best character Christie had created. Had nothing about him.

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