Book Review. The Pyjama Myth by Sian Meades-Williams.

There is a great start to The Pyjama Myth, as it writes about living as a freelancer month to month, looking after yourself and you think – this is manageable! I can do this! Sian Meades-Williams covers getting paid and rejections, ideas and pitching. She breaks these parts down and makes them more digestible, using examples and suggestions. This is useful, if like me, you need pointers to be able to visualise something. I liked that Sian Meades-Williams mentions having had anxiety/Agoraphobia, that I struggle with too, because it made the book feel more personal. I appreciated that money and taxes are given a good amount of focus on. I am a, as Sian Meades-Williams puts it, head in the sand type person, as she was herself and makes a point of saying that we need to take responsibility for these things, even more so as a freelancer. I hate math, so that’s why I find taxes overwhelming. I can’t remember anyone teaching me about taxes and I was appreciative that they were spoken about in The Pyjama Myth. Sian Meades-Williams impressed upon the reader the importance of getting to grips with financial matters, and I am going to educate myself further on those.

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