Chicken Nuggets.

This poem is from a current wip. I am still undecided whether to leave it in or not. This wip is a continuation of another book I wrote, titled Here Comes the Sun. Poetry that focuses on travel, with dialogue and humour. The poems all work as a continuous long form poem. You can read another of these poems from that wip in Moon Cola Zine, who published my poem Departures in April of this year. I might put Here Comes the Sun together with this wip and have a full-length collection to try and find a publisher for, instead of a chapbook. Along with other poems that fit the same theme. I’m not sure yet.

Chicken Nuggets

you encountered your own idea of a nightmare – 
a shop – part of a fast food chain 
filled only with self-service machines –

you bought back with you 12 chicken nuggets 
and 4 sachets of tomato ketchup

‘i don’t know how you use those things’ 


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