Progress Report.

Hi everyone. Hope you are well.

Here we are in October. The slide to a miserable part of the year. 

August and September were not great months for my mental health. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) usually crops up at this time of year for me, so my mental health is probably not going to improve anytime soon. Best I can do is take care of myself. One of the things that goes wayward with my mental health is my diet. My diet is limited anyway, better than it was, but I still prefer to stick to what I know best. I tend to skip breakfast, without the motivation required to make myself anything and that can apply to dinner as well, unless I am cooking for other people. When I have done a monthly big food shop, making the choice between an orange, or yogurt, or scrambled eggs is as difficult a question as any on an exam paper. This time of year always calls for hot chocolate. Cold in the morning and cold in the evening. I actually picked up in B&M a 250g tub of Cadbury’s hot chocolate for £1.39, which I was not expecting to be so cheap for branded hot chocolate. I have been shopping more in B&M recently, because the prices are good. Especially for stuff for sandwiches. They had turkey slices for what I thought was a very reasonable price. I like eating turkey myself but it’s one of those ‘posh’ foods I don’t get very often. The ham is OK too, but I would not touch the grilled chicken slices again. They were not very nice. B&M also still sell pasta for 75p and not the 85p, or 90p, that that product has gone up to. 

Moving on to things other than food shopping, the Doctor Who series 13 Flux soundtrack has been released. Very enjoyable to listen to. Segun Akinola was the composer, and I feel it’s a shame that he isn’t sticking around for more Who. I mean, it’s a shame full stop the Chris Chibnall era is coming to an end. Doctor Who is the show where you feel as if you are in a happy bubble, until the bubble bursts and everything has to change. I can hardly talk because David Tennant leaving the show meant that I stopped being interested in the show. Until I got back into it a few years ago. I am as obsessed now with Doctor Who as I was as a teenager. I finished reading The Wonderful Doctor of Oz by Jacqueline Rayner and that was so good. I also finished reading The Doctor Trap by Simon Messingham, a reread, and that was hard work! I borrowed some books from my public library. One of those was Terry Pratchett The Colour of Magic. I have never read any Terry Pratchett but I hear that he’s good. I vaguely recall trying to read one of his books when I was younger but could not get into it. Another book from the past that I borrowed was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, which I read when I was younger and didn’t particularly enjoy. I think it was more the writing style that I didn’t like. I will try again. 

I think that is everything I want to babble about in this blog post. Thank you if you got this far. WordPress seems to be populated by Spam accounts and Bots at the moment, so if you like – leave a comment and then I will know which of my followers are real people.

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