Progress Report

Open ended questions. Who else loathes open ended questions? Because I do. 

My mind panics with these questions. If unprompted, I don’t know how to answer someone. It’s as if being thrown a scrap and needing to make something from it, but not having the knowledge or not knowing the expectation of that person and what they want from me. I also don’t want to look like a fool, if my answer is the ‘wrong’ answer and irrelevant. That would be painfully embarrassing to me. I am aware my need for perfectionism rears its head again around this subject. It needs to be the right answer. But what of the context? I don’t know how to get better at answering these questions.

I finished posting my Journal Entries. Journal Entry 32 was the last one. I have a few more poems that have been previously published that I am going to post on my blog next and some unpublished, which will be posted on my Patreon. Here is the link. It’s a couple of pounds a month to subscribe and it would really help me out.  I am typing and editing some poems to submit to publications. These are new poems but old at the same time because they have been written over the last few years and I am excited to work on them and share them. Not too excited for the inevitable rejections. I am writing fiction. I have no idea what I am doing.

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