derelict lives
sat in front of the television set –
abandoned beach toys 

a social disconnect 

daddy pondered running away from his responsibilities 
to beat the rush
this morning whilst in the office and drinking from his grumpy bastard mug -
brother skipped school, on his lunch break smoking weed to save himself from starving - 
daughter fucked this afternoon in the back of a car and she is smelling his scent on her skin -
mummy began to drink red wine gone 10 am, feeling as if she could take on the world and bust stuck up noses with her forehead 
and instead - 
she made the beds 
and dusted the shelves of 

nobody speaks.

Kate Lewington (C) 

Fuzz was first published by Ghost City Press.

As a note, I think Fuzz is an ugly poem in the way that I have written it. It feels very disjointed. I didn’t like it for a long time. I get it though. Fuzz is about functional dysfunctional family units.

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