2022 Books Roundup

So in November/December 2021, I was broke and depressed. Reading is one of those things I stop doing when I am depressed. I don’t even realize because time stops, nothing matters. The Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart books, published by Candy Jar, and Agatha Christie mystery books, were my gateway back into reading. I remember devouring 4.50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie around about Christmas time, as if I had never read an Agatha Christie book before. In 2022 I started to read Doctor Who books again. Combat Magicks, Molten Heart and The Good Doctor completely captured my imagination. I also started reading short stories this year. Doctor Who short stories, like Star Tales, and The Missy Chronicles

I read poetry by Kae Tempest, and Trista Mateer, which I loved. Some of my stand out poetry collections were I Left the Room Burning by Beth O’Brien, History of Present Complaint by HL R, and Hera Lindsay Bird by Hera Lindsay Bird. I read a lot of great books in the summer, like I Who Have Never Known Men, The Weather in the Streets, and A Curious History of Sex. Also a book I could never write a review for that I was happy with, because I was so depressed, was Love in a Lost Year by Josh Oldridge. That was a great romance read by a debut writer. 

I wanted to blog consistently this year and I have done, I have stuck to that. Not skipping months and posting sporadically. Thanks for all the likes and reading my poetry and stories and reviews.

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