Book Review: Marple 12 New Stories Written By Various

These 12 new stories featuring Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple are written by an impressive variety of writers, such as Lucy Foley, Karen M. McManus and Leigh Bardugo. I think typically short story collections start slowly but the first 3, 4 stories of this collection were very good. They were well written and had neat twists. There were actually only 1 or 2 stories overall that I didn’t like in this collection. The feel of the characters and the era the stories are set in felt very much like reading an Agatha Christie novel, while also being modernised in the ways that racism and misogyny are addressed. My only issue was Miss Marple’s nephew, Raymond and his wife, Joan, seemed to feature in a lot of these stories and I cannot remember those 2 characters being in Christie’s books too often. It felt as if they popped up in these stories too many times.

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