Short Story Review. Please Give My Baby Back by Maggie Hartley

Please Give My Baby Back is a short non-fiction/memoir story about a foster carer called Maggie, who is asked to take care of a three-week old baby by social services. Baby was found to have unexplained marks on him by a health visitor. I hadn’t considered this, ‘as you and I both know, Maggie, bruising in a young baby who isn’t yet mobile is very unusual.’ and that in the UK there are some authorities who have a ‘single bruise policy.’ That means if a single bruise is found on a non-mobile baby then it needs to be investigated. Mum needs to go through an assessment, and until the same thing happens with Maggie, where Baby is found with a bruise on their body whilst in her care, that’s when the story starts to wrap up. I was thinking while reading Please Give My Baby Back that if mum is adamant she didn’t hurt her baby (which she was) then surely it could have been something else, like a physical health issue? (which it turned out to be) Surely you would want to run medical tests and rule that out?

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