The Books I am Reading

Foster by Claire Keegan is a short fiction novella, set in Ireland. I did read this in January and was disappointed. I decided, before returning it to the library, to give it another read. Still … not liking it. 

I am currently reading Here’s One I Wrote Earlier by Peter Purves, because of the Doctor Who connection. I feel as if reading a random actor’s autobiography is something that I haven’t done in a while. It’s one of my favourite genres to read. 

I downloaded Day Residue by Wanda Deglane. A new chapbook of poetry they published last month. Wanda Deglane is one of my favourite writers. Other poetry I am reading is Sweet, Young & Worried by Blythe Baird. As well as poetry written by Lisa Stice, Elizabeth Horan and Hollie McNish. I dip in and out of poetry, so that’s probably all of the poetry I will be focusing on for the rest of February. 

I borrowed an anthology from the library, a recovery anthology called A Wild and Precious Life. A collection of memoir, fiction and poetry on recovery. It was published by the crowd funding publisher Unbound. Not a theme I have ever come across for an anthology before. Anthologies and recovery sound like an excellent match. I borrowed Letters to My Weird Sisters by Joanne Limburg. On autism, feminism and motherhood. This is why I love the public library. I can go in there, I can find books that I had no idea existed and they don’t cost a penny to borrow. 

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