Book Review. Sober on a Drunk Planet by Sean Alexander.

Sober on a Drunk Planet is a book about sobriety. It writes about the health benefits of quitting alcohol, reassessing relationships and the culture of alcohol, especially in the UK. It reflects on the (fantastic) benefits of sobriety: the money you save and hangovers you no longer suffer from. I appreciated reading Sean Alexander’s point of view on this subject. I think this book would be a good, introductory read if you were curious about quitting. It is repetitive at times. Sober on a Drunk Planet felt like a pamphlet on sobriety. It’s not a difficult or hard read. It reads as a cautionary tale.

‘It doesn’t help that hangovers destroy potential. People don’t throw themselves into new ideas and projects when hungover – they throw themselves onto the sofa.’

Sober on a Drunk Planet by Sean Alexander 

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