Progress Report

Hi all. Hope you are well. 

This week I have been typing up the contents of 3 different notebooks. Poems I have written in the past 5 years. You know sometimes you write in a notebook and then shelf the notebook and never look at it again? So when you do, eventually open that notebook, you get a pleasant surprise at re-reading some of the poems. They are not too bad! Certainly some things to work on in there. I am planning to submit some of these poems to lit mags but there are some I am going to post here on my blog, the more poems in progress. That I need to work on. 

I have unsubscribed from emails this week that I don’t read. I let all of these emails pile up in my inbox. I don’t read them and I don’t delete them either. Some emails have been read but I don’t engage with them or follow that person or product anymore, so I might scan the email but I don’t take any of it in. I also logged out of some of my social media apps because, again, I scroll and scroll and I don’t think I’m taking in the content that I am seeing. I feel as if I am looking at the same photos, quotes, reels etc. constantly and they don’t have any kind of effect at the moment. I’m wondering how much more time I would have in the morning or in the evening if I wasn’t disengaged. Maybe if I was reading one of the many books on my TBR list instead. Being more intentional with my time. And I think if I’m editing my own poetry at the moment, I need to concentrate on that and not be taking in other people’s work. I just need to focus on whatever I am trying to say or communicate.

I do feel as if I am trying to numb out of my life right now but I’m struggling to do that because I don’t actually want to. I want to be creative. It’s that trust, isn’t it? When you’re facing change, but what you are used to settling for is very much still breathing down your neck.

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