Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child


So policeman, junkyard and a humming police box 
Year is 1963
Setting is Coal Hill School
Two schoolteachers ‘And I know you’re going to tell me I’m imagining things.’ Barbara ‘No, I’m not.’ Ian. He laughs, I think he wants to
Seems like Ian is a jovial, laid back, man
‘I like walking through the dark. It’s mysterious.’ Susan. Same
So Susan is a far from average student then
‘What do you make the fifth dimension?’ Ian ‘Space.’ Susan
‘I take things as they come.’ Ian. well, Ian they are certainly about to 
‘It’s a faint vibration.’ Barbara ‘It’s alive!’ Ian  
‘Your hearing must be very acute. I didn’t hear anything.’ Doctor. Our hero, the Doctor. Try and blag your way out of this one.
Do you think the Doctor has salvaged any of the junk to keep in the TARDIS? Or has his furniture been collected from his adventures? 
‘And frankly, I don't understand your attitude.’ Ian ‘Oh, yours leaves a lot to be desired.’ Doctor. Ian and the Doctor locking horns for the first time. 
‘While you nip off quietly in the other direction.’ Ian ‘Insulting.’ Doctor. The way he says that almost to himself, closing his eyes as if he cannot believe the audacity of Ian’s words. ‘There’s only one way in and out of this yard. I shall be here when you get back. I want to see your faces when you try to explain away your behaviour to a policeman.’ He chuckles. 
‘It’s not quite clear, is it? I can see by your face that you’re not certain. You don't understand.’ Doctor. Oh he seems to love the fact Ian cannot wrap his head around a big room in a small box. So patronising too. And pitying ‘it's not quite clear, is it?’ 
And then he chuckles ‘And I knew you wouldn't. Never mind.’
‘I tolerate this century but I don't enjoy it. Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles. Susan and I are cut off from our own planet, without friends or protection. But one day … we shall get back. Yes, one day … one day.’ 


A slightly claustrophobic start to Doctor Who. I am intrigued by the Doctor, especially when he explains that he and Susan are exiles and always moving around (to avoid detection?) I think that might contribute to the Doctor’s cagey demeanour. Plus 2 school teachers did start to sniff around what he probably considers ‘his’ junkyard, his passage to his safe space, his ship the TARDIS. So I can understand why he wants to shake them off. William Russell as Ian Chesterton and Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright are brilliant straight away. 60’s pastoral care in schools seemingly involved following the students home when they had concerns. Ian and Barbara’s friendship is already strong, so Ian is amiable in accompanying Barbara to Susan’s home.

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