Book Review. Inside Job by Dr Rebecca Myers.

In Inside Job Dr Rebecca Myers recounts her experiences of working as a psychologist in a prison, starting from her first day at work as a recent graduate. In her work she ran a rehab programme for sex offenders, which included speaking about their childhoods, and demonstrated how the trauma some of the men had gone through in their childhoods had led them to have a warped view of sex and women. I was taken aback at the depth we got to understand these men and not just see them as evil, but human. It was certainly insightful. The author wrote about how after meeting these men, and hearing of their crimes, it made her afraid, and feel vulnerable, in her own home. She also wrote about the sexual harassment female staff experience while working in prisons. There was a lot of information about the author herself in Inside Job. It was almost like a memoir, of what was happening for her personally outside of work, in her romantic relationships. It was interesting reading the author’s self-reflections and by extension, made me think as well.

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