Doctor Who: The Survivors/The Escape/The Ambush

the survivors

‘Yes, I'm afraid I cheated a little on that.’ Doctor ‘I was determined to see the city but everybody wanted to go on. Well, to avoid arguments, in short, there's nothing wrong with the fluid link.’ 
Liar liar pants on fire 
‘You fool, you old fool!’ Ian ‘Abuse me as much as you like, Chesterton. We need an immediate return to the ship and I suggest we leave at once.’ Doctor. Ah, again willing to leave Barbara, and Ian too, behind to get back to the ship when it suits him to. 
The Daleks!
Waving their plungers around in a friendly gesture of hello. ‘Your legs are paralysed.’ Or not. 
‘Well, I was going to say … Do you think there's someone inside them?’ Barbara. Um, well there are people operating them, yes, from the inside. 
Susan laughs, showing her age. 
‘That's a point. We haven't any idea what's inside them.’ Ian . Well, they can't just be empty, can they?
These Dalek voices, robots, are quite … eerie 
I like the pupil the Daleks have 
The Thals ‘they must be disgustingly mutated.’
So Susan isn't as badly affected by the radiation 
The TARDIS has a number of different locks and it will melt if you turn the wrong one, an added complication that means … Susan will have to go alone to get the drugs. 

the escape

The Daleks have been surviving underground for years, must be some great conversations they have of an evening, and the Thals have been waiting for periodic rainfall to help their crops grow. The two sides have never met and because of their prejudice, the Daleks think the Thals must be mutations and the Thals didn't believe any Daleks survived the war. Strange they've never known of each other's existence. Until the Doctor and co just happen to show up. 
‘How do they know we want to help the Thals?’ Ian. There's a camera watching you in the corner of the room. 
‘Perhaps we can exchange ideas with them, learn from them.’ I wouldn't get your hopes up about that, if I were you. 
‘How old is this young girl?’ ‘No longer a child, not yet a woman.’ Alydon 
‘Doesn't she understand that? We're working towards the same end.’ Alydon ‘now, there's a double meaning for you.’ 
We've walked into Thal politics now. Is this sexual innuendo?
So the Daleks have got supplies of fresh vegetables grown under artificial sunlight … and pens and paper. 
The Dalek instructs Susan to move away from the door, while their ‘eye’ is on Barbara 
‘I’m making mud.’. From the bottom of Susan’s shoes, lovely 
So there is a creature inside

the ambush

Just as they get into the lift and now they are losing all the advantage they had gained because … Ian has got stuck inside the Dalek 
‘They're cutting through the door.’ Irksome prisoners. Now the Daleks need to cut holes into their metal palace doors
Are they not even in the lift yet? 
I think it might be best if Ian stayed inside, once those Daleks are in he’s going to be in an even more vulnerable position. Stuck, waiting for the others to send the lift back down. Let's hope they move quickly.
 ‘We should never have left him. It’s so slow, it’ll never reach him in time.’ Barbara. No, the lifts don't move quickly. 
But Ian made it. Well, well. How fortunate. 
So why did they want to reach the top of the building anyway? And have they so completely lost their sense of time, that they forgot about the arrival of the Thals? Who are walking into an ambush.
So the Daleks just happened to put that - whatever it is - there just in case someone wanted to stop the lift arriving and chuck it down the shaft? Maybe it was a later incarnation of the Doctor?
This bloke, the leader of the Thals? Loving the black is that a crown? on his head. He wants to trust the Daleks but he looks an awful fool right now, considering we know that they are walking into an ambush. 
And the Doctor, he’s seen the city, he wants out and is quite happy to leave without warning the Thals. ‘Of course, it’s our business. The Thals gave us the anti-radiation drug. Without that, we’d be dead.’ Barbara. Queen B talking sense again. 
Why is Ian standing there, mesmerised by the leader’s speech? Warn them now!
What are the female Thals wearing? 
‘A dislike for the unlike.’ Ian ‘I don't follow you.’ Alydon ‘They're afraid of you because you're different from them.’ Ian ‘so, whatever you do, it doesn't matter.’ 
‘But you must teach them to respect you. Show them some strength.’ Ian. Some leg? Oh strength. ‘Show them some strength.’ So Ian teaches the Thals to fight.
The ‘Dals.’ The Daleks or Kaleds. ‘Skaroene history.’ 
Oh my word, the fluid link has been confiscated from Ian! Well, well, what a plot twist ‘it’s down there somewhere, in the city.’ Ian. And just like that Terry Nation has created more material for another 3 episodes.

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