Doctor Who: The Expedition/The Ordeal/The Rescue

The Expedition

When did the Daleks search Ian?
It’s a shame we couldn't actually see the metal streets. I don't know why but I'm obsessed with seeing them 
‘It’s put us in a bit of a jam.’ Doctor. No shit, no mercury supplies? Always carry a spare, Doctor.
Chesterman! ‘Well, don't worry about it now, Doctor. It’s happened.’ Ian. Magnanimous of him. ‘Well, at least you're not vindictive.’ Doctor ‘I will be if you don't get my name right.’ Ian ‘mmm?’ Doctor ‘It’s Chesterton.’ Ian. haha. Ian can't keep that grin off his face. 
‘My dear, this is no time for morals. They must fight for us.’ Doctor. Must they? ‘Why?’ Ian ‘Oh, my dear young man. I do hope you're not going to be difficult.’ Doctor
Ian proves his point, after getting a smack around the chops. ‘So there is something you'll fight for.’
‘But what are we to do? Is this the end of the Daleks?’ OK, So why not give the radiation drugs to one of the Daleks, why all of them?
‘Some sort of chemical in the water that makes it glow in the moonlight.’ How romantic. The lake is full of mutations. ‘Sorry, I'm being morbid.’ Yes, you are.
‘Only a fool would attack the city from the lake.’ And that's what they're going to do? 
So the leader has decided he doesn't fancy starving to death and he might as well help 
Laserscope or a rangerscope? So basically CCTV 
Even Barbara’s been given a pair of the holey trousers to wear 
Cross the lake and get chomped on by mutations, no thanks.

the ordeal

‘Well, we won't use one of the customs of your planet.’ What's that?’ Barbara ‘Ladies first.’ ‘I should hope not.’ Barbara. So the Thals have visited Earth at some point?
All this time and the Thals have never visited the city, it’s just standing there. The Thals have been living on their Plateaus.
‘Do you always do what Ian says?’ ‘No, I don’t’ Barbara. I think there's a little bit of attraction bubbling under the surface between Barbara and Ganatus.
‘We mustn't diddle about here.’ Doctor. Fantastic use of the word ‘diddle.’ 
Antodus is the weaker of the Thal characters, let him leave. Go on. 
And he’s got whacked on the head by a falling rock, which has caused an avalanche, so there's no turning back now
It must be warm on Skaro, they've got holes in their trousers and life jackets? Over bare torsos, which keep falling down. Why the holey trousers? Skaro Fashion.
And the Daleks have happened to put that thing there on a public wall, which just happens to slide upwards. They clearly have 0 concern for burglars, intruders and visitors 
The glee on Susan’s face as she and the Doctor cause damage to Dalek property. 
And the Daleks have shown up to piss on their parade
‘The only interest we have in the Thals is their total extermination.’ oh, well, is that all. You wait years to meet the other people of the planet you both inhabit and then find all they want is to kill you. Charming. 
‘You made it look easy.’ Ian. I wouldn't jump for any old body but if I had Ian as my cheerleader on the other side of a huge drop I had to jump over, I would gladly. 
Great idea to leave the one whose nerves are frayed until last, he’s going to jump in rather than over isn’t he?
Did Ian just shove him off?

the rescue

‘Take the weight off of the rope.’ Ian. Bit rude to mention Antodus’ weight. 
Well, that's very obviously a photograph of pipes.
That Dalek didn't sound too smooth ‘gliding’ along that corridor 
Blimey, Barbara is going to get sliced in 2 
This is stretching credibility a bit, as in a previous episode much was made about how the Daleks don't miss much and here the Thals and Ian are flitting about them like … flies?
‘Even if I wanted to, I don't know how.’ Doctor. and the Dalek wheels away ‘aah.’ so the Daleks are happy to ask for help when they need it. The audacity.
‘To rebuild a whole new world. Hhm. How I envy you.’ Doctor
‘Come along, my child. I’m hungry.’ Doctor. Ha 
Barbara breaking hearts


The Daleks is a long story and I expected it to drag at some point but I actually found it very entertaining. The one episode that wasn’t very interesting was The Ordeal, funnily enough. The way it was lit and directed, it was not the most inspiring to look at. I liked the introduction of the Daleks.  I don’t think the end, where they are defeated, was the best either. The way it was directed. It fizzled out. I liked our main cast. Susan had to run back to the TARDIS, alone, and she was the first person to meet a Thal, Alydon. That moment always makes me jump, when she leaves the TARDIS and he is standing there, in his cape. Barbara meets the first Dalek. The Doctor is a menace.

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