Doctor Who: Inside the Spaceship

the edge of destruction

‘Did you do that?’ Ian ‘we haven't moved.’ Susan
Well, those TARDIS beds look comfortable 
Bloody hell, Susan and her violent scissor stabbing 
‘Or another intelligence.’ Barbara 'Well, as I said, it isn't very logical.’ Doctor ‘No, it isn’t.’ 
Surely confiscating the scissors the first time would have been an idea
‘Yes but where would it hide?’ Barbara ‘in one of us.’ Susan. Would have been a great idea to explore. 
‘Oh I recognise that.’ Barbara 'that's where we nearly lost the TARDIS, four or five journeys back.’ ‘Yes, the planet Quinnis, of the fourth universe.’ Doctor 
Oh the Doctor blames Ian, what a shocker 
‘Do you realise, you stupid old man, that you'd have died in the cave of skulls if Ian hadn't made fire for you?’ oh go on, Barbara
‘Where is he?’ Ian. And in walks the Doctor with a tray of drinks. All smiles again. 
What is he up to now?


‘Oh, he's play-acting.’ Doctor. So Ian attempts to strangle the Doctor, can't blame him for that and he faints. Has he got clothes on underneath that gown? 
‘You've been behaving very strangely.’ Susan 'both of you.’ That's rich coming from Susan.
But we know we can trust Barbara and Ian … can't we? 
‘You're getting off the ship, Chesterton.’ Doctor ‘Now?’ Ian ‘Yes now. Get up.’ Doctor
‘You're not to blame. All four of us are to blame.’ Doctor. Oh he’s come round at last. 
‘Oh a mere harmless drug.’ Doctor. Bloody hell, he's poisoned them too! 
‘Can it be possible then that this is the end?’ Doctor
No, just a stuck switch 
The Doctor trying to apologise to Barbara in a roundabout way 
‘What do you care what I think or feel?’ Barbara
‘Well, as we learn about each other, we also learn about ourselves.’ Doctor  
‘We must look after you, you know. You’re very valuable.’ Doctor. What a charmer


I like that ending. The group having a normal moment of fun together, heading out into the next adventure. Which is Marco Polo and that story is completely missing. I liked the first episode of Inside the Spaceship. It’s chaotic, they’re all fainting and turning on each other. This group of people, the two factions of the Doctor and Susan and Ian and Barbara have not been travelling together for that long. It’s bringing back the tension from The Unearthly Child, where the Doctor literally kidnaps 2 schoolteachers and breaks it to them afterwards he can’t return them to their time. So Ian and Barbara are going to have to like it or lump it. It’s an interesting idea and then in the second episode, the reason for the madness is a stuck spring. I understand the writer had a couple of days to write this script and perhaps he got stuck trying to wrap up the whole story with a semi plausible and satisfying explanation.

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