Book Review. Problem at Pollensa Bay by Agatha Christie 

Problem at Pollensa Bay is a collection of short stories written by Agatha Christie. I was introduced to sleuth Parker Pyne in the title story of this book and I didn’t care for any of the characters in the story, least of all Parker Pyne. I thought Parker Pyne sounded like porcupine. Story Yellow Iris features Poirot and I was a few pages in before I thought, hold on, is this not the plot for Sparkling Cyanide? I am assuming this story was an early draft of that book. Story The Harlequin Tea Set had me wondering: is this a dream? Death? Fairytale? And what is the context behind this story? The story features Mr. Satterthwaite and a mysterious Mr Quin. It was odd. One of my favourite quotes is from the story The Second Gong. A romantic notion, where 2 lovers are unable to be together because they have no money ‘I don’t care! We can draw pictures on pavements.’  Speaking of money, and current inflation and the cost of living crisis, Next to a Dog was a very relevant story to read. A little too relevant to provide any escapism.

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