Doctor Who: The Sea of Death / The Velvet Web

The sea of death

Aw the dinky TARDIS model
‘Probably just a shadow.’ Ian. Let’s hope not
Ian offering Susan his boots, always so thoughtful
Susan was frightened because she saw her shoes dissolve in acid. ‘And I was going to paddle in it.’ 
A one man submarine. That's one way of reaching land through the acid sea.  
We’re going to hear an almighty scream from Susan in a bit
‘It’s a protective suit.’ Barbara. Well, there's no one inside it so it can't have been very … protective. The acid got in the suit, so what, it just … dissolved the person? 
Does the Doctor ever do his visiting and not end up in danger?
That’s some good use of blown up photos pasted onto walls to show this is bigger than a studio set
So hold on, the suits are made even to fit the shape of their head? Or does the head stop at their neck? And what do they look like out of the suits? 
There’s the scream 
Has the Doctor had a haircut?
‘Robbery, fear, hate, violence, were unknown among us.’ Arbitan 
Instead they moved the keys and scattered them. Well, I suppose that's one way of keeping the Conscience of Marinus out of Voord hands 
The keys need to be recovered, of course 
‘Surely there must be someone who you can send for these keys?’  Yes, Ian, it will be you
An invisible barrier
Oh, they haven’t lost Barbara already

the velvet web

There was enough blood from a scratch to mark the dial?
‘Perhaps if your Majesty will stop hogging the grapes we can all have some.’ Ian 
They easily forget what they’re there to do, shouldn't be eating grapes
And truffles 
‘Nothing they desire is denied them.’ Altos 
‘Our one wish is to fulfil your every need.’ Altos. Hmm
Is Altos not wearing any trousers? Now that is decadent, from a if you want anything you desire perspective 
‘You notice that man’s eyes?’ Ian ‘No, what about them?’ Barbara ‘He didn’t blink once.’ Ian
Kind, hospitable people - they don’t always meet those on their adventures 
What the fuck, someone’s switched the lights on the bearded bloke on the wall eyes 
Oh no, this doesn’t look good 
They haven’t noticed Barbara is comatose - bloody hell, the greedy pigs  ‘she really is having a deep sleep, isn’t she?’ Ian
‘This is going to test our host’s patience, you know. It’s one of a set.’ D. There's something very funny about that line. 
Ah, so those things that were put on their foreheads while they slept keeps the illusion of grandeur 
Oh, overwrought, get a hold of yourself. Barbara will be called hysterical next 
Altos looks a little like a young Rik Mayall 
Run Barbara, run
Why has this alien character got the voice of a BBC newsreader?
How on earth does Altos not see Barbara standing there? 
This looks good, I like the feel of it 
Well, there’s no hiding anything there - a brain with two eyes on stalks 
‘Our brains outgrew our bodies. It is our intelligence that has created this whole city.’ ‘The human body is the most flexible instrument in the world.’ 
Oh go on Barbara 
Why can they not sync turning those dials?

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