Doctor Who: The Screaming Jungle / The Snows of Terror

the screaming jungle

I don't feel as if this is Susan’s strongest story 
‘This is a dead place.’ Sabetha ‘It is a bit quiet, isn't it?’ Ian ‘That isn't quite what I meant.’ Sabetha. Oh let's scare everyone silly, shall we? 
‘I don't like to say goodbye.’ Susan ‘No, I know.’ Barbara. Well, that's very much like her Grandfather who doesn't like goodbyes either 
‘I do wish Ian wouldn't treat us like Dresden China.’ Barbara. Ian is happy to let Sabetha go with him and Altos, and she’s female but then, maybe because he doesn't know her and is not so familiar, he doesn't feel as responsible for her? ‘I think it’s nice the way he looks after us all the time.’ Susan ‘I know but just once in a while -’ Barbara ‘you rebel.’ Susan.
‘It couldn’t move by itself.’ Barbara. Want to bet?
Oh not another wall decoration with creepy eyes … and arms

How did Ian miss a tunnel the first time around?
‘I’m sure she would have thought of that.’ Altos. Let's hope so 
Susan makes saying goodbye sound so final
How far away is Ian? 
Oh Barbara be careful
Trapped in netting, and some spikes coming down on her, while a set of bars imprison Ian. So much for taking it slowly
So this is the guy that played the duplicate robot Doctor in The Chase? 
Christ, now the man is being strangled by a plant 
‘It’s death, I tell you. Death.’ 
I’ve forgotten the letters and numbers already
There’s the whispering the dying man warned you of 
Oh I love this, first brains, now the plants are coming alive 
Marinus is a lively place, isn’t it?

the snows of terror

Not the key being pinched
‘Are you afraid of me?’ Yeah, you’re caressing my hand. Weirdo  
‘I’m Vasor. Most men fear me, so I have few visitors.’ Vasor. That's what you tell yourself. 
So Ian and Barbara haven't got the creepy vibes yet and not realised with Ian out of the way, Barbara is in a vulnerable position too 
He’s bolted the door 
‘Now we're alone.’ Vasor. ‘Oh he’ll be back. I know he will.’ Barbara ‘We’ll see.’ Vasor 
Why didn’t Altos put on a pair of trousers before leaving? There is no way he could not have frozen to death here
Beware rope bridges, Susan. Although that one looks very sturdy 
Better looking ice walls than in Dragonfire 
Why is the ice making a ripping sound?  
Someone’s only painted half of those bits of ice Ian is using to create a bridge ‘Oh, it didn't break.’ Ian. Because they are very unconvincing bits of ice. 
Why Knights? It’s a bit odd. They're just too human and … ordinary. Are they human or robots? 
Shouldn't they have got their travel dials off of Vasor before leaving his hut?

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