Doctor Who: The Temple of Evil / The Warriors of Death

the temple of evil

‘These Aztecs have some rather gruesome habits.’ Doctor. Cutting out people's hearts. ‘I should hate to be carved on that by some Aztec high priest.’ 
‘You know who he is?’ Doctor ‘The local butcher by the look of him.’ Ian ‘Exactly.’ Doctor. 
Welcome to History. 
No, not Ian pronouncing ‘Autloc’ incorrectly and all of them correcting him. Haha.
‘It is law that all who attain their 52nd year shall pleasurably pass the remainder of their lives free from responsibility and care.’ Cameca ‘Poor old souls, they must be bored to tears doing nothing.’ Doctor.  
‘And you must not interfere.’ Doctor. ‘Do you understand?’ ‘I can't just sit by and watch.’ Barbara. 
‘You can't rewrite history. Not one line!’ Doctor. 

the warriors of death

‘What weakness have I that is vulnerable to your thumb?’ Ixta 'You'll be surprised.’ Ian 
The scene of their astonishment at Ian winning with his thumb
The Perfect Victim, a future human sacrifice who’s every wish must be granted until his glorious death. 
‘An interested mind brooks no delay.’ Cameca ‘Yes and I'm sure that's true of you too.’ Doctor ‘It was true. Now I am content to spend the time here like the others.’ Cameca ‘Oh but their minds are old, Cameca.’ Doctor. ‘And that's something I'm sure yours will never be.’ 
‘Do not destroy or cheapen yourself.’ The rules of being a good housewife apparently 
‘You will be told.’ Autloc ‘Told!?’ Susan ‘I’m not going to be told who to marry.’ Why is this one of the best moments Susan has? Reacting as many 15 year olds would.
‘What say have you have in the matter?’ Autloc. ‘It’s my life. I’ll spend it with whom I choose.’ Susan ‘Not someone picked out for me.’ 
The Doctor learns that he’s just helped Ian’s opponent defeat him and gets arrested too. Not a great day. And he still hasn’t got the plans of the temple either. 
So the Doctor has arrived to warn Ian, mid fight and is too late. Ian shows his scratched wrist to the camera, which looked unconvincing. If Ixta doesn't win this now, he won’t show the Doctor the plans will he? 

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