Doctor Who: The Bride of Sacrifice / The Day of Darkness

the bride of sacrifice

Bloody hell, Barbara’s got a knife to Tlotoxl’s throat
Things are getting dicey here 
And Autloc has mentioned Barbara’s Goddess cosplay as not deceiving him, which she is unfortunately  
‘Oh, go away, Tlotoxl.’ Doctor. The way the Doctor just dismisses people, even ancient high priests of sacrifice. 
‘None exist. The secret of the tomb died with my father.’ Ixta. Oh dear, more subterfuge. 
Tlotoxl intends to poison Barbara. If she is a Goddess, she will live and if she dies, she isn't. 
‘What an excellent idea, currency you can drink. Delicious!’ Doctor. 
‘You insist upon this?’ Cameca. I'm not sure the Doctor knows the correct cocoa bean custom, does he? ‘I do. I insist absolutely.’ Doctor. ‘as a token of my esteem.’ 
I’m needing to Google this, did they really use to propose over a hot chocolate? Now that is my kind of proposal. 
‘Where did you get a hold of this?’ Ian ‘My fiancee.’ Doctor. 'I see.’ Ian. ‘your what.’ ‘Yes, I made some cocoa and got engaged.’ Doctor. Ian starts to laugh. Brilliant. 
The Doctor was eager to get into that tunnel 
Got to say, for a 4 part story, shorter than some previous stories, it's leaving it late for the resolution. They've found a tunnel but Ian looks like he's about to drown in it. 

the day of darkness

‘I can tell you, he is dead.’ Ian. Or so he believes but Ian is on his way to save Susan. 
‘Where are we going?’ Susan ‘The TARDIS. Come on.’ Ian. Is that the first time I have heard Ian call the ship the TARDIS? 
I don't think the angle is going to help. Ian managed to open it by himself so why can't the three of them? 
So Ian and Susan now have to go and do the whole opening the tunnel thing again. 
And they've walked right into the Tlotoxl trap. 
Autloc is helping Susan escape and he’s casting himself away, into the wilderness 
Because his beliefs have been shaken?
‘What is the point of travelling through time and space if I can't change anything?’ Barbara. 


I like the Aztecs. I like individual parts of the story but as a whole, I’m not sure. Until the end of part 3, Ian is fighting with thumbs and the Doctor is getting engaged. 

Tlotoxl is portrayed as the ‘villain’ of The Aztecs but he just wants to expose Barbara as the false Goddess he believes her to be, which Barbara actually is? He doesn’t want changes to his ways of living. He doesn’t want Barbara imposing her values onto his culture, which is fair enough. I liked the characters of Cameca and Autloc. I liked the sets too.


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