Doctor Who: Strangers in Space / The Unwilling Warriors

strangers in space

Or inside something.’ Barbara’s got it right. Again. 
Barbara has gotten over the events of the previous story already? Unless they've had more adventures between then and now.
‘Have I?’ Susan. ‘Yes.’ Barbara. Not really. I don't think Susan has changed. Barbara ever the diplomat. 
‘You mean whatever it was that killed them, could kill us?’ That’s reassuring Ian, thanks. 
‘Non - winding time.’ I'm afraid I didn't understand that explanation of the watches at all 
Bloody hell.
A long sleep but it wasn’t death.
The 28th century! There hasn't been a London for over 400 years ‘Central City.’
They literally need to look behind them, at the TARDIS and that's where the burning is coming from. A Sensorite is nicking your lock, Doctor. 
The Doctor has done 2 scientific things now in 1 episode. It’s incredible. So far he’s been useless in that sense, he isn't able to control even his own ship but here.
So Susan and Barbara are preparing the food. How predictable.  
Walks straight past the sign saying water.
That’s John then, the other crew member. He doesn’t look well.
‘Oh bliss.’ Susan grabs a book off of a shelf and takes a sit down. 
Barbara’s outfit in this story isn't very pleasant. I like Ian’s roll neck jumper though. 
I also like the rockets on the jackets of the crew members. 
They look like levitating butter beans, the Sensorites’ ships 
‘Why no violence? Surely we've got the right to protect ourselves.’ Ian. bloody hell, gung-ho Ian. 
That's kind of cute though, isn't it? Look at him, just peering in. ‘Hello.’ 

the unwilling warriors

‘Did you know his hair was almost white?’ Maitland ‘Oh, there's nothing wrong with that.’ Doctor. haha 
‘Have you tried talking to them?’ Doctor. ‘Talking to them?’ Maitland. Well, yeah that might help to understand what they're up to 
Act to the camera stuff 
‘You’re very strange people.’ Carol. ‘Are we?’ Susan. Cheers Carol. ‘Well, you come from nowhere, and you seem to be going nowhere.’ Carol. ‘Oh we’re very dependent on the Doctor, he leads and we follow.’ Barbara. 
So Barbara and Susan just summed up the last episode, in case you missed it 
M - what. Molybdenum. 
‘That should give you some idea.’ Doctor. Idea to what? So the planet is rich in something valuable.  
Bet Barbara feels a right plum about missing that water sign
Should you be looking for the Sensorites? ‘Come on Barbara, let's find them.’ Ian.
What do Carol, Maitland and John do on that ship if they can never leave it or go anywhere? No wonder their nerves are shot to bits. 
I find it funny how this show could never predict mobile phones or Bluetooth air pods when a story was set centuries into the future. I suppose you would need a time machine for that. 
Did Ian think closing the door would deter the Sensorites? 
Exactly Barbara, they aren’t attacking you ‘well, do you need to keep them off? Have they actually attacked you?’ Barbara. Shame Barbara doesn’t remember that in The Rescue when she kills Vicki’s pet.
Susan being able to communicate through her mind being introduced is good 
‘If they try to harm us, then I shall fight them.’ Doctor. Right o.  
‘A special area has been prepared for you on the Sense-Sphere. There you will live and be looked after.’ 

‘You have only proved that you can lock doors.’ BURN
So now we’re getting an education on dilating eyes. 
‘But Doctor, assuming you’re right -.’ Barbara ‘Which he is, of course.’ Ian. ‘Naturally.’ Doctor. ‘But how can you be sure that the Sensorites will be frightened of the dark?’ Barbara. ‘My dear Barbara, wouldn't you be afraid if you couldn't see your enemies, mm?’ Doctor. ‘Thank you for your admiration, dear boy, thank you.’ Doctor. ‘Well, I never said a word.’ Ian. ‘Telepathy.’ Doctor. 
That sounds like Clangers music
What is Susan doing?  ‘Agree? To what?’ Doctor. ‘To go down with them to their planet.’ Susan. ‘otherwise we'll all be killed.’ 
Oh well, bye then Susan, take one for the team. 
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