Doctor Who: Hidden Danger / A Race Against Time

hidden danger

‘They are not carrying any weapons, yet I am frightened of them.’ Ian and Barbara frightening?
‘You're not going with them Susan and that's final.’ Barbara.  
‘You don't understand the Sensorites.’ Susan. ‘Do you think I don't understand?’ Doctor. ‘Trust is a two sided affair.’ 
‘I'm sorry Susan but I don't believe you have the ability to represent us, that's all.’ Doctor. ‘Stop treating me like a child.’ Yes, can you all stop treating Susan like a child ‘You will do as you are told, Susan. Come here.’ Doctor. This is humiliating when you’re any age, to be undermined, let alone 15.
‘Being dictated to by petty thieves and my own grandchild.’ Oh dear, the Doctor isn’t happy.
‘What is all this? Setting yourself against me, mm?’ Doctor. 'I didn't, Grandfather.’ Susan. ‘Oh I know you thought you were doing your best, child, in the circumstances, but I think I'm a better judge of that.’ ‘Well, I have opinions too.’ Susan. 
‘We can read the misery in her mind.’ ‘Yes and it’s a good thing that you can't read the anger in mine.’ Doctor. ‘In all the years my granddaughter and I have been travelling we have never had an argument and now you have caused one.’ Well, now we know why, because you are condescending, heavy handed and dismissive. 
Susan is having her own Rebel Without a Cause moment.
‘These creatures, these Earth people are loud and ugly things.’ 
‘You make it all sound so very simple.’ Indeed Doctor ‘And all are happy.’ yeah, apart from those who are dying because of this disease.
So these 2 are aiming to kill the Doctor and co but a Sensorite with a wagging finger tells them to turn the machine they were going to use off. 
Ah, it was John’s fault they drove him out of his mind because he was a greedy sod. ‘We saw the pictures he formed in his mind and we saw that it was the end of our way of life.’ Makes sense the Sensorites chose a more peaceful way of putting off the Astronauts. Even if driving one of them mad and imprisoning them to float around in space creates a different sort of problem. ‘Yes, but that's no reason for driving him out of his mind.’ Ian. ‘It happened only, I assure you, because of his excitement.’ 
The crystal water the Sensorites drink they believe has special qualities, not by looking at their skin. It looks very dry. 
Ian is choking.  
Don’t drink the water 
‘Your friend is dying.’ Is the senior elder a doctor too?

A race against time

‘This isn’t a disease, it’s more like poison.’ Doctor.
‘Then we have time.’ You have lots of time Doctor, it’s relative, remember?
Ian can’t be comfortable resting on his front.
Let the Doctor in his bloody ship.
‘This is a trick to get us at their mercy.’ The City Administrator is very suspicious, paranoid even.  
There might be nothing wrong with your water supply, but there is something wrong with Ian.
Oh that’s brilliant, how quickly and not at all inconspicuously did that Sensorite feign nonchalance when Carol came into the room.  
‘I don't know what we'd all do if you changed your badges and sashes. We wouldn't be able to tell you apart.’ Carol. ‘I have never thought of that.’  Not strictly true. 
‘They think you’re attacking them.’ Susan. I'm not surprised with the high note William Hartnell put on ‘you fool.’ 
Oh for God’s sake, Ian ‘pretends’ to be ill, the Doctor ‘pretends’ to have an antidote ‘I do not believe there is an antidote.’ and now he's going to ‘borrow’ the second elder’s sash and cos play as him. What a menace the City Administrator is. 
Are the other Sensorites really taking this old goat seriously?
‘And we’re going off on an exploration, which isn’t dangerous of course.’ Come on now Doctor, no spoilers, it’s bound to be dangerous.  
He’s going to take the antidote and smash it - 
Yep, what a dick. 
Monsters in the aqueduct ‘Is there?’ Doctor. That's like catnip to the Doctor. 
‘We'll never know til we try, will we?’ Ian. Poor Ian, having to get off his sick bed to go and save the Doctor. 
‘He is asking why I don't reply.’ He's being ghosted. 
Viaduct said instead of aqueduct. Whoops 
Deadly fucking nightshade, in an aqueduct? 
And what was that? Sounds like my stomach when I'm hungry.


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