Doctor Who: Kidnap / A Desperate Venture.


‘We have the perfect society, all are contented.’ ‘Some people always want more than others.’ Carol. 
Carol explains to the scientist about eyelids. ‘Yes, to see all the time is not a good thing.’ the scientist concludes. 
What was that thump?
I guess now the Doctor needs to find his TARDIS lock and they can leave. 
Oh really, nonsense. He's going to blame the second Elder’s death on the Doctor. What would the Doctor want with the key?
This City Administrator - pinning it on the Doctor hasn't worked but hold on, can he get himself promoted to taking the role of second Elder? Especially with the Doctor’s help, as he thinks they can use him to help them. Although the City Administrator is the one that's been plotting against them! What a turn of events.
 John is cured but it's hard not to look at him differently, knowing it was he who wanted to steal from the Sensorites. 
Hmm, that look John gave the scientist. 
Now explaining to the Scientist about the Earth custom of hand shaking.
Ian asks the Doctor if it’s worth asking if Barbara can be reunited with them again. What difference would Barbara make here? 
And they've been given damaged weapons to take with them through the Aqueduct and while he's at it, the City Administrator has had the map of the Aqueduct  doctored. 
Has the same scientist been duped again?
That’s nice, leave Susan and not tell her, to save arguments. Treating her as a child again. 
‘How I long for a thick, juicy steak.’ Carol. ‘Mm, well you'll just have to make do with a small juicy fruit.’ John. Woah there, you two. Get a room. 
Nope, they’re fucking off to the aqueduct without you.
‘Come on, let's eat. I'm tired of waiting.’ John. Yes, that's all that really matters. 
And while poor Carol is kidnapped.

a desperate venture

It’s Barbara. She's back! 
I don't know, Doctor, how effective a rolled up map is going to be as a weapon. 
‘A very capable human being. Gentle, yet with strong determination and courage.’ That’s Barbara 
Susan and the Sensorite going to speak at the same time. 'Trust can’t be taken for granted, it must be earned.’ Susan.  
‘You don’t trust the ground you walk on until you know its firm, do you? So why trust your people so blindly?’ Susan. 
‘Grandfather and I don't come from Earth.’ Susan. ‘It's ages since we saw our planet. It’s quite like Earth. At night the sky is a burnt orange and the leaves on the trees are bright silver.’
‘Perhaps they’re preparing an ambush.’ Doctor. 'You're a cheerful soul, I must say.’ Ian. Haha, no it’s like the situation they're in has got to the Doctor and he's decided to just throw that suggestion out there. ‘Dear boy, my spirits couldn’t be higher.’ Doctor.
I did not expect the survivors. Now this is good, the Doctor and Ian have realised they are looking at people from both ends but one thinks the other is looking at what they're looking at, so when the Doctor suggests backing up, they back into each other ‘you were right about the ambush, weren't you?’ Ian. 


As drab and dull the Sensorites may be, with a plot that’s stretched to its limits, I think The Sensorites is very entertaining. As I have said in previous reviews, I like the opening episode of an early 60’s story where the story gets 20-ish minutes to establish itself. Strangers in Space is one of my favourite first episodes in this era for that reason, very eerie. I like how we gradually find out what John has been up to. Maybe more could have been made of when John touched down on the Sense-Sphere, with the Sensorites giving him medical aid after they had attacked him for discovering how valuable their Molybdenum was. I expected there to be a bit more side eyeing. I cannot believe the same actor who played John played Yartek in The Keys of Marinus. He must have been stuffed from all that scenery chewing. Susan has a great part to play in The Sensorites. I love that in the third episode Hidden Danger we find out more about her relationship with her grandfather. Susan really went out to bat for herself and the Sensorites in this story. I like the venture into the aqueducts and the discovery the Doctor and Ian make. The Doctor seems to be having a great time, meeting the Sensorites and learning more about them, after initially butting heads. It makes a change from that person being Ian. The Doctor and Ian have some lovely moments together in The Sensorites.


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