Doctor Who: A Land of Fear / Guests of Madame Guillotine

a land of fear

OK that bit of music there felt a bit … eh.  
‘There we are … home.’ Doctor. 
‘It reminds me of a holiday I once took, in Somerset.’ Barbara. ‘Then I expect it is Somerset, my dear.’ Doctor.  This is very odd, the Doctor can't wait for them to leave and I know he doesn't like goodbyes. But he doesn't know where they've landed. He never does. What is different on this occasion?
‘Well, if you're going, be off with you.’ Doctor.  It's like how he behaved at the very beginning. 
‘Of course you're in control, you're always in control and I'm sure you can revisit us at any time.’ Ian.  Imagine if the Doctor had just left them there, stuck in history. 
‘Do you really think we are home?’ Barbara asks Ian, out of earshot of the Doctor. It’s the hope that kills you. 
‘Well, that rabbit of yours is putting up quite a fight.’ Barbara. 
Not England, France. Damn, the TARDIS has overshot again.
‘I'm certain we’re some time in the past.’ Call it a hunch, or intuition but I think Barbara might be right. 
‘The walk will do us good.’ Doctor. A walk into the next adventure. 
‘Well, are you disappointed?’ Barbara. ‘Mmm, funnily enough, no.’ Ian. ‘It depends where we are, I still could be.’ Well, well.
‘This is a stopping off place.’ Ian.
So they figure they've landed in the middle of the French Revolution, during the Reign of Terror, and thought what the heck, let's put the costumes that they found in the abandoned house on so they can blend in. 
Meanwhile the Doctor has been jumped on.  
I don't know what they were teaching kids in history in the 1960’s but I have never covered the French Revolution, so I hope the education is coming. 
‘How do I look?’ Barbara. ‘oh very pretty, mademoiselle.’ Ian. 
‘It’s his favourite period in the history of Earth.’ Susan. Is it now. 
‘When you entered our hideout, you entered our lives.’ 
‘Are you alone?’ No, but Barbara said yes anyway and they've been exposed as liars because they have already found the Doctor upstairs. 
These two men show up at the house, don't know who they are and then this group of soldiers show up, I think they might be French? And I think one said ‘royalists.’ and they're going to wait outside for a bit, to make those inside the house wait. 
I'm guessing his name isn't dinosaur but that's all I’m hearing.  
Crikey, those two were killed off the show quickly. 
I see Ian is channelling Pertwee with the frilly shirt. 
An almighty scream from Susan and Ian goes running.
And the Doctor is unconscious. 
So Ian, Susan and Barbara are being taken to Paris to face the guillotine. 
‘Wait, let's burn down the house!’
And the Doctor is trapped inside the burning house. 


Not Barbara attracting unwanted attention from men again and judging by her reaction he stinks too. ‘Now if we were to be friends, hey…’ Not a chance, Barbara gives him a slap. ‘You'll regret that, I promise you.’ 
‘The smell in here, it's terrible.’ Susan. ‘Yes, it reminds me of when we were prisoners before.’ Barbara. ‘In the prehistoric age.’ Oh yes, the Cave of Skulls. Happy days then. 
That kid has hair like mine, I need a haircut.
Nice little exchange between him and the Doctor. 
The Doctor looks as if he's walking a little punch-drunk in these outdoor scenes.  
‘Oh you mustn't lose heart, Susan.’ Barbara. 'I'm not going to fool myself.’ Susan. ‘Think of the times we've been in trouble before.’ Barbara. ‘We always managed to get out of it in the end.’ ‘oh we've been lucky. We can't go on being lucky. Things catch up with you.’ Susan. We are in episode 2, 7 minutes in and Susan has folded, complete defeatist. I wouldn't be surprised if Barbara asks if she can be imprisoned in a separate cell. 
Excellent French from Ian there. Wow, that was a pretty dramatic scene wasn't it, a dying prisoner called Webster who has a message for somebody.  
Haha the Doctor is just giving a bit of advice, basically for the man to get off his bum and help the rest of the men, which might get the job done quicker.
‘Well, I suppose you think you're very clever.’ Actually, the Doctor does. ‘Well, without any undue modesty, yes.’ Doctor. Oh. 
Rats. Well, this jail cell really is a 5 star establishment. 
Bloody hell. I think that man was making the face we all were. The Doctor has smacked the bloke over the head with a pick. 
And stuck a coin on his eye. 
Come on Doctor. So basically without Ian, everything falls apart.  
Off Susan and Barbara go, to the guillotine.

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