Doctor Who: A Change of Identity / The Tyrant of France


‘The prisoner’s food is unimportant.’ And Lemaitre pushes the bowls out of the jailer’s hands. 
These sets look impressive and the costumes. 
So there's a chance of escape while the horse has thrown a shoe and Susan, what is Susan doing? Her back hurts and her head is splitting. This is not good for Susan and telling Barbara to leave her behind, as if she would? Has the writer of this never watched Doctor Who? 
This is a new low for Susan. 
But who are the two men who plan to ambush this group heading to the guillotine? 
I like the two onlookers at the windows, the women. It doesn't seem like we see many women characters. 
And I like the Doctor is just wandering around these French, Parisian streets. He won’t be rushed.
Why are people called citizens? 
‘Like that ring you're wearing, for example.’ Of course, the shopkeeper has noticed the Doctor’s ring, which I'm sure is more valuable and worthy of exchange for a new outfit.  
‘Did Webster give you a message for James Stirling or not?’ Lemaitre. 
Well, Jules sounds very decent. Risking his life to save people. 
And there’s Leon. Looks like Leon has eyes for Barbara and Jules and Jean are leaving them alone, while Susan is resting. 
‘Perhaps you'd care for some wine?’ Leon. ‘Yes, thank you.’ Barbara. 
So the Doctor strides into the prison, all pomp and authority, with a very fine hat.  
And the jailor tells him what he doesn't want to hear, that Barbara and Susan have been rescued en route to the guillotine and Ian has escaped. 
Evidence against the traitor, the Doctor’s ring? Oh dear, this is when our main cast start to become entangled.  


‘Do they or is it just their wish to keep their heads?’ Doctor.  
Susan needs a doctor because she's ill, who knows what she might have caught in that jail and Jules and Jean have brought somebody back to the house. 
While the Doctor has been forced to stay because he has a second appointment with Robespierre, who seems to be an important person. 
Aw, that hug of greeting between Ian and Barbara. 
That was quick work from Jules and Jean to find Ian. 
Lots of wine drinking in this episode. 
‘How’s Susan?’ Ian. ‘I'm afraid she's getting worse.’ Barbara. 
‘Good morning, citizen. I hope you slept well.’ Lemaitre. ‘I did not. The bed was hard.’ Doctor. ‘And the draft blew through the room like the North wind.’ ‘I'm sorry.’ Lemaitre. 'Yes, I dare say you are.’ Doctor. ‘But if I catch rheumatism, apologies won't cure it.’ 
Well, the Doctor’s going to be moody then after a night of not peaceful sleep.  
Bloodletting, leeches.  
The physician is going to be out all day. Barbara and Susan will need to wait for him, right there, in his home. Sus. 
‘I got the impression that he suspected us.’ Barbara. And he's locked them in.  
Leon knew the physician, right? It was Leon who arranged for Susan to see him, so does that mean Leon is the back stabber here? The shopkeeper, the physician - everyone is trying to get an advantage. 
‘You walked right into my trap, didn’t you Ian?’ Leon. 

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