Doctor Who: A Bargain of Necessity / Prisoners of Conciergerie

a bargain of necessity

The Doctor and Barbara are literally giving all the information to Lemaitre, who is listening outside of the door, whilst Ian has been clapped in irons. 
‘You know my plans always work perfectly.’ Doctor. Yeah, alright then Doctor.  
Leon gets the truth 'I'm from 1963.’ and doesn’t like it.  
Barbara has been sprung from prison and gone back to Jules' house, where they tell her about Leon’s betrayal, which causes an argument between her and Ian.
The Doctor is finding it more difficult to get Susan out. 
The Doctor has thumped the jailor over the head with his flask of alcohol. 
‘I repeat, if you want your granddaughter released, you have no choice.’ Lemaitre.  
Well, Lemaitre has got the Doctor here. 
‘I'm so sick and tired of death, Ian, I never seem able to get away from it.’ Barbara.  ‘There is no way, Barbara.’ Jules.  
‘Anyone who betrays these principles is worse than the devil in hell.’ Jules.  
And in walks the Doctor with Lemaitre. 
‘Your friend has betrayed us!’ Jules. 


‘I am James Stirling.’ Lemaitre. 
What and he engineered for Ian’s escape?
Barbara and Ian are acting as innkeepers.
Napoleon Bonaparte. 
‘It’s this feverish activity to try and stop something that we know is going to happen.’ Barbara. 
They shot him in the jaw?
‘I can't tell whether you're a rouge, or a half wit, or both.’ Doctor. ‘However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.’ 
‘Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it.’ 


I enjoyed the first episode of The Reign of Terror, for reasons I have mentioned in previous reviews. The second episode is the one that feels as if the events don’t necessarily correspond with the rest of the story. It doesn’t feel as if The Reign of Terror has the same quality as other stories in this series. There are good moments, with good characters. I liked James Cairncross as Lemaitre. Hartnell gives another great performance. 

This was the writer Dennis Spooner’s first contribution to Doctor Who, before he became script editor for the following series. He also wrote The Time Meddler, which is one of my favourite Who stories. I don’t think he thought much of Susan. The Sensorites was one of her best stories and The Reign of Terror is one of her worst.

I doubt I am ever going to be able to pronounce conciergerie.


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