Doctor Who news roundup!

There have been a few exciting Doctor Who releases recently. 

Cover art for a new book by Paul Magrs.

I know I was disappointed in the other book I read but Paul Magrs is still one of my favourite writers. And a new third Doctor story, with Jo, is very welcome. Speaking of which, randomly, my library added a new audiobook Dead on Arrival & Other Stories to their Borrowbox app. I don’t think it’s new. The stories have been adapted by Paul Magrs from old Doctor Who annuals. An interesting way to breathe new life into stories. I wait and wait for the library to add a specific Doctor Who book that I want to read (I could be waiting forever) and then out of the blue I will open the app and they will have added something completely out of left field.

There is also the return of Rani (and Clyde) to audio. I loved the Sarah Jane Adventures as a kid.

And these photos were released, which I think are very cool and exciting. 

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