Doctor Who: The Mysterious Planet.

part 1

‘The accused? Do you mean me?’ I think so, Doctor. 
Ravalox. Aw, look, the Doctor and Peri underneath an umbrella. 
Dibber and Glitz. 
Glitz has got a lot of lines here. 
Marble Arch ‘and they wrote in English?’ Peri. 
So he’s left Peri somewhere. That doesn't sound good. 
Meanwhile Peri has walked into the arms of 2 masked people. 
‘I have an uncanny knack with ageing females, Dibber.’ Glitz. 
‘Water thief! Water thief! Protect your water.’ Wow, I was not expecting that. 
Marb. the Immortal. 
‘UK Habitats of the Canadian Goose by HM Stationery Office.’

part 2

The helmets on those guards, dripping paint effect 
‘I shall provide some excellent husbands for you.’ That's kind. ‘Husbands? Plural?’ Peri. Yep. 
Selection of young men.
So on the surface are those people and down there are these people ruled over by a robot The Immortal. 
‘It is said The Immortal eats them.’ That look the Doctor gave Balazar. 
6 husbands. No thank you. 
‘Do you think an old hag like you can bring me down?’ Glitz. Well, these 2 are getting along very well. 
The Doctor getting his pockets searched. 
‘You, Humbug, whatever your name is, hold that. And you, Handbag, finger on the end there.’ Very good, Doctor. Nice escape too. 
‘I really think this could be the end.’ Doctor. Sure, for the purpose of the cliffhanger.

part 3

Broken Tooth.
So they are all thrown back into jail, plus the Doctor and then The Immortal’s robot comes crashing through the wall, wraps its tendrils around the Doctor and nabs him. What does Dibber want with Peri anyway? Urging her to come with him and Glitz, instead of helping the Doctor. 
Don't think the Doctor and Glitz quite hit it off. 
Alternative names the Doctor has called the Valeyard, farmyard, scrapyard …
‘You ignorant dink.’ 
 ‘Oh. What are you hunting?’ Doctor. ‘You.’ Merdeen. 

part 4

Oh wow, that’s done for Katryca Queen of the Free.  
‘Do you think they were nicking recipes for making chutney?’ Glitz. 
5 rounds rapid.  
So Peri was trying to go and help the Doctor but instead the Immortal one believes the Doctor is distracting him, while Peri - does what? 
Oh dear, computer effects and Balazar gets gunged.


I enjoyed the look and feel of this story. Especially the escalator that leads to the underground. I liked that link between the inside and outside. I liked the costumes too and the design of the two robots, plus the prop of the umbrella in the opening episode. Something the next incarnation of the Doctor would adopt.

I did get fatigued by episode 3 because it was more of the same as the first 2 episodes. I liked the court scenes but they did drag and become samey too. I loved the Doctor in this story. Tony Selby as Glitz was fun to watch. 

Not great but watchable.


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