Doctor Who: Mindwarp.

part 1

‘Sit down and shut up.’ 
Thoros Beta.  
Ringed planet in the distance and pink surround. Nice look. 
I like the purple uniform. 
The skedaddle test. 
‘Looks like a man, acts like a wolf.’ Crikey, what planet have these 2 landed on?
‘Well, they live here. Thoros Beta’s Sil’s home planet. Didn't you know?’ Doctor. Well, I didn't. 
‘Only because you didn't tell me, Doctor.’ and nor did, Peri. 
Poor woman, having to return to her last unpleasant encounter with Sil. 

part 2

‘I am Yrcanos, King of the Krontep, Lord of the Vingten. Conqueror of the Tonkonp Empire, but you no doubt know this.’ 
What's happening here, Yrcanos was meant to distract the guards and then? Peri has the weapon and then flees after firing it at Sil, while the Doctor remains. 
The turncoat Doctor. 
So they need to transfer Lord Kiv’s brain because his skull isn't big enough and now they need a donor. Is that either going to be the Doctor or Peri? 
This is a creepy setting, dark and dingy 
Matrona. Gloves to the elbows and a sparkly outfit. 
‘She may have been trying to poison us all.’ Doctor. ‘Of course! The repulsive one.’ Sil. what a horrid situation for Peri to be in. She just wants to leave! And what is happening with the Doctor?
Peri has been chained to the Rock of Sorrows. 

part 3

‘I refute any implication that I'm barmy.’ Doctor. 
Peri eats and then asks ‘what is it?’ 
Imagine being Peri and having to pull Dorf and Yrcarnos apart. I wouldn't bother. 
‘Sil, stop gyrating your throat.’ Crozier. Excuse me, what? 
‘I can put any brain in any body anywhere.’ I don't like the way Crozier is eyeing up the Doctor whilst he says that. 
Cardiac arrest. Blimey. I like that Crozier has to finish his cuppa before attempting resuscitation. 
A Spice Trader? 
‘How has he been turned into an old man?’ not another experiment of Crozier and co? 
Kiv’s reaction seeing Sil as he wakes after brain surgery. A look of horror. Haha. ‘Have I died and gone to the great Plague Halls of Mogdana?’

part 4

The body of  a fisherman and Kiv hates seawater. Hardly considerate, is it?
What is the Doctor doing here? Yrcanos is trying to start an uprising, Peri is tagging along and the Doctor is - what? Trying to find information, for the hell of it? If he hangs around long enough he might find himself having brain surgery.
‘We must transfer Kiv’s brain to someone else without delay.’ Crozier. There we go then. The Doctor is fancied for that. 
So the Doctor is unsuitable. ‘What about your companion, Doctor?’ Crozier. ‘Oh, Peri? Quite unsuitable. Female. Oh, silly, flibbity-jibbity, hopeless.’ Yeah, nice try, Doctor. ‘Why not examine her?’ Crozier’s assistant chimes in. ‘I think I’ll do that.’ Crozier. So the Doctor has to find someone that isn't Peri. 
‘A friend.’ the Doctor whispers. So the Doctor is just staying on Sil’s and Kiv’s and co’s good side? Makes sense. 
And what a shocker, Peri is a suitable candidate for Kiv’s brain. 
‘His name is Dorf and you are scum.’ Yrcanos. Now there's a good line. ‘No. Actually, I am known as the Doctor.’ 
Is that a Terileptil or Barney the Dinosaur?
‘Everyone has a point nowadays. I am a man of action, not reason.’ Yrcanos. ‘Don't worry, you'll see plenty of action.’ Doctor. This is brilliant. ‘Then lead on. Oh, but first, I must find my bride-to-be.’ Yrcanos. ‘Haven't got time for you to go courting.’ Doctor. Haha. ‘I am talking of the Earth woman. Perpugilliam of the Brown.’ Yrcanos. 
So Peri has been bound and gagged and now they're going to shave her head. Then transfer Kiv’s brain into her’s. Fucking hell. She was right earlier on to be concerned after being turned into a bird the last time she met Sil. 
‘Whatever made you take me out of time when you did?’ Doctor. So the Time Lords transported the Doctor en route to Peri’s rescue to the courts.
So no brain, the contents of Kiv’s brain have been transferred onto Peri’s. 
‘Mentally, she no longer exists.’ Crozier. 
Time bubbled Yrcanos found Peri, saw that Peri was no longer there and 
‘You killed Peri.’ Doctor. ‘We had to act.’ The Inquisitor. 
These Time Lords are demonic. Why is the Doctor on trial? ‘Peri died, Doctor, because you abandoned her.’ Valeyard. How do you figure that out? You took him out of the picture. 


Mindwarp looked good. The first episode was claustrophobic, with its dark and dank looking corridors. That the characters seemed to spend a large amount of time running around. Particularly in Part 3, I thought the acting and the dialogue were ropey. It was good too in Part 3 we got less interruption from the court scenes. Nabil Shaban as Sil was good. I’m not sure about how Christopher Ryan played the part of Kiv. Some of the other characters were good too, Patrick Ryecart as Crozier, Brian Blessed as Yrcanos and Trevor Laird as Frax. 

The Doctor seemingly turned ‘bad’ was not as engaging as when it was done in the Tom Baker story The Invasion of Time. General batshittery in that story, whereas here it isn’t hard to believe because this Doctor has done questionable things in some of his other stories. It’s *shrugs shoulders* and then it all flips around again anyway in the fourth episode. I liked the fourth episode.

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