Doctor Who: The Ultimate Foe.

part 1

‘Dibber? What's happened to your voice, lad?’ Glitz. 
So Glitz and Mel have been sent for? 
By the Master. Ahh-ha, he would have to pop up. ‘Oh, no! Now I really am finished.’ Doctor. 
‘The oldest civilisation, decadent, degenerate and rotten to the core.’ Doctor. 
‘The Valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature, somewhere between your 12th and final incarnation.’ Master. ‘And I may say, you do not improve with age.’ 
Why does he want Glitz with him but not Mel?
Kropp Razor poster behind him. Where is he? Where has the Doctor chased the fleeing Valeyard to?
Disembodied laughter, bells ringing and the Doctor bends over a barrel, only for 2 hands to reach out for his face. 
‘Into the Matrix, where the only logic is that there isn't any logic.’ Doctor. 
The Fantasy Factory 
‘Therefore, most of what you saw was true.’ Master. ‘Then the young woman, the one who died,  was that true?’ Inquisitor.
‘Then she lives?’ Inquisitor.  ‘As a queen, set up on high by that warmongering fool Yrcanos.’ Master. Hang on, hang on. Peri lives, but how? And what? As a queen? Yrcanos? Why? She wouldn't have agreed to that unless she had no other choice. 
‘Ah , I see.’ Glitz. ‘He humiliates you by throwing harpoons at me.’ 
Well, at least the Master seems to be enjoying himself. 
‘This is a very odd waiting room.’ Doctor. ‘And where are the hopelessly out-of-date magazines?’ From the darkness of a drawing room/office to … the beach. 
The hands again and the Doctor being sucked under. 

part 2

Nerve gas. Well, it couldn't have just been sea mist could it?
‘I'm going in there.’ Mel says but the Keeper trips her up. 
Oh, they've wandered right into … the Master’s TARDIS.
‘He’s merely being reduced to a catatonic state.’ Master. 
The working TARDIS belonging to the Master materialises in the shape of a statue. 
The explosive quill. 
Is this all actually happening, Mel leading the Doctor out of the Matrix and back into the courtroom?
‘I would trust Mel with my life.’ Doctor. 
So that was an illusion but Mel is determined to do something and isn’t tripped by the Keeper this time, she is off and into the Matrix.
But the Doctor already knew it was an illusion. Ohhhh. 
Glitz. Master. Popplewick. We've got a barrel of slippery eels here. 
Popplewick is the Valeyard.‘The performance was too grotesque to be real.’ Doctor.
A limbo atrophier.  This is a bit daft. 
Computer effects. 
Carrot juice and some exercise. 
The Valeyard is wearing the Keeper’s robes.

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