Progress Report

Hi all. Hope you are well.  This week I have been typing up the contents of 3 different notebooks. Poems I have written in the past 5 years. You know sometimes you write in a notebook and then shelf the notebook and never look at it again? So when you do, eventually open that notebook, … Continue reading Progress Report

i bruise: A Poem

those tasks that are really difficult / which require effort / i am no longer resilient / i mind / i bruise / i no longer work shit out for myself / unravelling all the knots / when i attempted a task / steps forward / it felt like i stumbled instead / and twisted … Continue reading i bruise: A Poem

Poems House for Demolition & Letters by Deryn Pittar.

HOUSE FOR DEMOLITION Memories chase me down the slippery verdant path, through the gate with its rusty spring. I nod to the passion fruit vine still visiting the neighbours, leaving crop as payment for their space. A climbing rose has embraced the Judas tree. The roofline steeples its hands in prayer giving thanks for the … Continue reading Poems House for Demolition & Letters by Deryn Pittar.

Poem by Karen Ankers Meeting at Euston.

Meeting at Euston a girl with city faded eyes excuses her request for a pound says she's never been on the streets before tells me in a worn tobacco coated voice she needs the money for a bus as if I need a reason to be kind the coin in my hand is bright as … Continue reading Poem by Karen Ankers Meeting at Euston.