Book Review. An Act of Foul Play By T. E. Kinsey

After being disappointed by the last book in this series, I very much enjoyed reading An Act of Foul Play. As the curtain goes up inside Bristol Theatre on Act 2, a dead man is revealed on stage which gives everyone sitting in the theatre a shock! Especially as initially they assume it to be … Continue reading Book Review. An Act of Foul Play By T. E. Kinsey

4 Places to Send your Creative Writing to

Talon Review Deadline 1st April Accepting Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Hybrid, Visual Art & Video/Audio December Deadline 1st May Accepting Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fiction Neon Literary Magazine Deadline 15th June Theme Childhood Accepting Prose, Poetry, Photography & Comics The Citron Review Deadline 6th December Accepting Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction & Flash Fiction

Book Review: Foster by Claire Keegan

Foster by Claire Keegan is a short fiction novella, set in Ireland, and published by Faber & Faber, in a reissued edition. We've all fallen prey to browsing the books in a library and one of those books catches our eye. I saw the slim spine of Foster, and recognised the logo of the publisher. … Continue reading Book Review: Foster by Claire Keegan

5 Places to Send your Poetry, Stories & Art

Bath Magg Deadline 29th February Accepting Poetry Bent Key Publishing, Anthology Deadline 1st March Theme the North of England Accepting Poetry, Stories, Essays & Photography Capsule Stories Deadline 1st March Theme Lost in Translation Accepting Stories, Poetry & Essays The Instant Noodle Literary Review Deadline 5th March Theme Instant Noodles Accepting Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, … Continue reading 5 Places to Send your Poetry, Stories & Art

4 Journals to Submit your Creative Writing to

Annie Journal Deadline 28th February Accepting Personal Essays, Creative Non-Fiction & Poetry Pacifica Literary Review Deadline - Accepting Poetry, Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction Pithead Chapel Deadline - Accepting Art, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Prose Poetry Chestnut Review Deadline - Accepting Poetry, Prose, Flash Fiction, Art/Photography & Mixed-Media