Poem by Karen Ankers Meeting at Euston.

Meeting at Euston a girl with city faded eyes excuses her request for a pound says she's never been on the streets before tells me in a worn tobacco coated voice she needs the money for a bus as if I need a reason to be kind the coin in my hand is bright as … Continue reading Poem by Karen Ankers Meeting at Euston.

Cover Reveal! Persona Non Grata.

  Blurb: This anthology reflects the experiences of those who, due to environmental, economical, and personal circumstances, have found themselves as 'outsiders' in society.     Just like the first anthology, Please Hear what I'm not Saying, which Isabelle edited, Persona Non Grata will raise money for a Crisis Aid, and a Homeless, charity (the … Continue reading Cover Reveal! Persona Non Grata.